Top 60 Motivational Speakers In The World

Tony Robbins1.    Anthony “Tony” Robbins – For the past three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an adviser to leaders around the world. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. Tony’s famous book Awaken the Giant Within will help you take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny. Robbins has impacted more than 50 million people from over 100 countries with his best-selling books, multimedia and health products, public speaking engagements, and live events.

Les Brown2.    Les Brown As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles. For three decades he has not only studied the science of achievement, he’s mastered it by interviewing hundreds of successful business leaders and collaborating with them in the boardroom translating theory into bottom-line results for his clients. In his book Live Your Dreams he shares his personal formula for success and happiness — positively charged thoughts, guidance, examples, plus an Action Planner to help you focus your thoughts on specific goals…and achieve them all.

Brian Tracy3.    Brian Tracy –  Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Brian’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 55 countries worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year. Discover proven techniques and strategies for greater success in sales, time management, self-development, personal wealth, business and leadership with Brian’s International Success Program

Deepak Chopra4.    Deepak Chopra – Deepak Chopra, MD, serves as the Founder and Chairman of the Board for The Chopra Foundation. As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. Known as a prolific author of more than seventy-five books with twenty-one New York Times best sellers including The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success  both fiction and non-fiction, his works have been published in more than thirty-five languages. Deepak Chopra’s popularity as an international presenter and keynote speaker is exemplified in an impressive list of honorariums.

Bob Proctor5.    Bob Proctor – Bob Proctor is widely considered one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. He teaches people how to understand their hidden abilities to do more, be more and have more in every area of life. His teachings are based on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and his delivery is second to none!For more than 40 years, Bob Proctor has focused his entire agenda around helping people create lush lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. Bob Proctor has focused his entire agenda around helping people create prosperity and greater spiritual awareness through the law of attraction and The Science of Getting Rich.

Eric Thomas6.    Eric Thomas – Renowned speaker, educator, author, activist and minister, Eric Thomas is rising to National prominence by delivering high energy messages that encourage people to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of crime, hopelessness and despair that many face daily. Known for his engagingly personal approach, his messages are both dynamic and inspiring. Eric has coined the term When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe… in his inspirational book The Secret to Success.While consulting at Michigan State, he developed The Advantage Program, an undergraduate retention program targeting academically high-risk students of color.

John Maxwell7.    John Maxwell –  an author, speaker, and pastor who has written more than 60 books, primarily focusing on leadership. Titles include The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow. One of the best things about John’s books is that he offers practical frameworks and solutions that the reader can apply to their unique situation, which he does this again with  Sometimes You Win-Sometimes You Learn. His books have sold more than nineteen million copies, with some on the New York Times Best Seller List. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author.

Jack Canfield8.    Jack Canfield – As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and his famous book The Success Principles, Jack Canfield fostered the emergence of inspirational anthologies as a genre – and watched it grow to a billion dollar market. As the driving force behind the development and delivery of more than 123 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise (and over 500 million copies in print worldwide), Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about success. Behind the empire Time Magazine called the “publishing phenomenon of the decade” is America’s leading expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees, and educators.

Dani Johnson9.    Dani Johnson – Dani Johnson has instructed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world on how to make millions of dollars. The mountain of continuous testimonies from clients that pour in on her website, Facebook page, and through the mail, speak for themselves: her simple and practical methods work.Dani travels around the world every month to deliver her “First Steps To Success” and “Creating A Dynasty” seminars to thousands of people, all wanting to learn how Dani Johnson went from being homeless to having millions of dollars. Dani Johnson Like no other book, Spirit Driven Success unlocks the door to biblical wealth and prosperity secrets and translates them into easy-to-understand strategies.

Farrah Gray10.    Farrah Gray – Farrah Gray was named as one of the most influential Black men in America by the National Urban League.  Raised in the impoverished South side of Chicago, Gray defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire by the age of 14. At the age of 21, he received an Honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters from Allen University. This was in recognition of his ingenious economic mind and distinguished commitment to the development of values such as leadership, integrity and scholarship. In his rise from poverty to national and international prominence, Farrah Gray has inspired millions around the world and with his amazing book Reallionaire he shares his extraordinary and touching story.

John Assaraf11.    John Assaraf serial entrepreneur, brain researcher, and CEO of PraxisNow, a brain-research company that creates some of the most powerful evidence-based brain retraining tools and programs in the world. A relentless explorer of consciousness and human behavior, John’s passion is discovering and teaching people how to release the mental blockages that hold them back from achieving their fullest potential.Thousands of companies, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide are currently using PraxisNow programs to develop unstoppable confidence, certainty and the personal power needed for achieving their goals and vision.

Willie Jolley12.    Dr. Willie Jolley Willie Jolley has achieved remarkable heights in the speaking industry, having come from humble beginnings of being a fired singer, who was replaced by a karaoke machine! He has gone on to be named “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World” by the 175,000 members of Toastmasters International. He has also been inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame as well as achieving the distinction of Certified Speaker Professional by the National Speakers Association. In 2012 he was the recipient of the Ron Brown Distinguished Leadership Award. In 2013 he was named, “One of the Top 5 Leadership Speakers” by and Business Leader of The Year.

Dave Ramsey13.    Dave Ramsey – David L. “Dave” Ramsey III (born September 3, 1960) is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. His show and writings strongly focus on encouraging people to get out of debt.Ramsey’s syndicated radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, is heard on more than 500 radio stations throughout the United States and Canada, in podcast format, on IHeartRadio, a dedicated iOS application, as well as live audio and video on He has written numerous books including four New York Times bestsellers. His books and broadcasts often feature a Christian perspective that reflects Ramsey’s religious beliefs.

Nick Vujicic14.    Nick Vujicic – Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-Amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability and, at the age of seventeen, started his own non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide which focus on life with a disability, hope and finding meaning in life.

Joyce Meyers15.    Joyce Meyers –   one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers. A New York Times bestselling author, her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. Through Joyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on the mind, mouth, moods and attitudes. Her candid communication style allows her to share openly and practically about her experiences so others can apply what she has learned to their lives.Joyce hosts a TV and radio show, Enjoying Everyday Life®, which broadcasts worldwide to a potential audience of 4.5 billion people. She has authored 100 books, which have been translated into more than 100 languages.

Robin Sharma16.    Robin Sharma – or over 15 years, Robin Sharma has been helping organizations like Nike, FedEx, Royal Bank of Scotland, Microsoft, IBM, RIM, Yale University, GE, BP, Panasonic, Celgene, Ritz-Carlton otels, the Young Presidents Organization, Novo Nordisk and NASA grow leaders at all levels.As one of the most respected keynote speakers in the industry his mission is a simple one: to help people Lead Without a Title and do their absolute best work during times of intense change.Ranked as one of the Top 5 leadership gurus in the world  Robin Sharma will help your people perform brilliantly and leave everything they touch better than they find it.

Brendon Burchard17.    Brendon Burchard – Brendon Burchard is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger and The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive. He is also founder of High Performance Academy, the legendary personal development program for achievers, and Experts Academy, the world’s most comprehensive marketing training for aspiring authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders. Brendon was blessed to receive — a second chance — after surviving a car accident in a developing country. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping individuals, teams, and organizations find their charge, share their voice, and make a greater difference in the world.

Lisa Nichols18.    Lisa Nichols LISA NICHOLS is CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world, a best-selling author of 6 books and one of the most sought-after transformational speakers whose global platform has reached and served millions. Ms. Nichols’ extraordinary story of transforming her own life from a struggling single mom on public assistance from South Central Los Angeles to now Millionaire Entrepreneur is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. Using her signature No Matter What! system, Lisa teaches people how to master accomplishing unfathomable goals and to tap their limitless potential.

Kevin Abdulrahman19.    Kevin Abdulrahman – Globally known as The Man Inspiring Millions, Kevin Abdulrahman is One Hot Property these days in Asia, Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. Kevin is the International Author of a Series of Winning Books which have been translated in many languages. He is the Creator of Countless Training and Home Study Programs (online and offline) in the fields of Self Improvement, Motivation, Leadership, Public Speaking and Creating High Performing Individuals and Teams.Kevin Abdulrahman has Eloquence in the way he imparts his message, an Instant Ability to Connect With his Audience, the foresight to Design the Relevant Message for the given event and Equally Important, Deliver the Message with Impact.

Johnny Wimbrey20.    Johnny Wimbrey – Johnny overcame poverty and the unforgiving street life of his youth to become one of the most inspirational speakers of our time. As the child of drug and alcohol-dependent parents, Johnny turned to the streets for love and support. This lead him into the chaotic, violent world of drugs and gangs.At 18, the gun slaying of a close friend caused Johnny to dramatically alter the course of his life; turning a street-smart punk into a charismatic, motivational leader.As an internationally-acclaimed talk show host, author, and motivational speaker, Johnny Wimbrey’s rags-to-riches story inspires everyone from inner-city youth to corporate moguls and celebrities.

21. Randy Gage21.    Randy Gage Randy is the author of nine books, including the New York Times bestseller, Risky Is the New Safe. He has spoken in 48 U.S. States, all Canadian provinces and 48 other countries, to more than 2 million people. He was listed in the “Who’s Hot” article for Speaker Magazine and in 2013 was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame.Randy is a former high school dropout who rose from a jail cell as a teen to become a self-made multimillionaire. Along the way, he overcame addictions, getting shot, and near bankruptcy to go on to inspire millions around the world. He is the author of nine bestselling books on prosperity and success that have been translated into 25 languages.

22. Eric Bailey22.    Eric Bailey As one of the world’s foremost speakers on motivation and vision, Eric draws on his successful careers in professional sports, executive management and sales as well as life experiences such as his difficult start growing up in South Central Los Angeles delivering powerful and inspiring keynotes that will lead you or your group in the right direction. As a Certified Speaking Professional with over 20 years experience inspiring and motivating millions of people, Eric commands a room like no other and leaves audiences in awe. Whether delivering his message from his own radio show to corporate team building speaking engagements, Eric Bailey is the spark that can ignite the burning passion that dwells in each of us.

23. James Malinchak23.    James Malihchak – After growing-up in a small Pennsylvania steel-mill town near Pittsburgh as the son of a steelworker and a housewife – multimillionaire James Malinchak is now one of most requested highest paid motivational and business speakers and business marketing coaches in America.Since 2001, Malinchak’s strong passion for serving others has impacted hundreds of thousands by teaching his unique personal and business strategies through his corporate and college speaking, public seminars, private coaching, books and home study courses. Malinchak has dedicated his life to helping others “Achieve a Better,Richer Business and Life!”™

24. Iyanla Vanzant24.    Iyanla Vanzant – History will show that Iyanla Vanzant is one of America’s most profound spiritual leaders and acclaimed empowerment legends. Her body of work spans over three decades to include 15 published books, 5 New York Times best sellers  CDs, television, radio and on stage performances.Likened to other great African American Women in our history, Iyanla embodies a no-nonsense approach in her message and teaching style. Outspoken, fiery, transparent, truthful, and sage-like are just a few of the common adjectives used when describing Iyanla Vanzant.

25. Gary Vaynerchuk25.    Gary Vaynerchuk – Gary Vaynerchuk (born November 14, 1975, in Babruysk, U.S.S.R. [now Belarus]) is co-founder and CEO of a social media brand consulting agency, video blogger, co-owner and director of operations of a wine retail store, and an author and public speaker on the subjects of social media, brand building and e-commerce. While most eight year olds were learning how to properly squeeze a lemon, I was managing seven lemonade stands across my neighborhood in Edison NJ. When I turned twelve, I set my sights on my local mall, where I became something of a legend selling baseball cards on weekends.

26. Jefferey Gitomer26.    Jefferey Gitomer – Gitomer Defined (git-o-mer) n.1. a creative, on-the-edge, writer and speaker whose expertise on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development is world renowned. 2. known for presentations, seminars and keynote addresses that are funny, insightful, and in your face. 3. real world. 4. off the wall. 5. on the money. 6. gives audiences information they can take out in the street one minute after the seminar is over and turn it into money. See also: salesman. Jeffrey gives public and corporate seminars, runs annual sales meetings, and conducts live and Internet training programs on selling, customer loyalty, and personal development.

27. Walter Bond27.    Walter Bond – Like many young men growing up in Chicago, Walter Bond dreamed of becoming an NBA athlete. Facing injuries and other challenges with unusual determination, he rose from being a reserve player coming off the bench to become the first rookie Free Agent to start for the Dallas Mavericks. This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the powerful principles Walter teaches today. Walter attributes his success to the power of accountability. Walter Bond is called “Mr. Accountability” because he compels audiences to take personal responsibility for their current situation, whatever it may be. Then he reveals how to harness and apply the power of accountability so that every listener can become a rock star

28. Scott Greenberg28.    Scott Greenberg  – Motivational Speaker Scott Greenberg has inspired hundreds of thousands of people with his unique blend of keynote presentations and workshops. Scott’s uncanny ability to connect with a variety of audiences and discuss universal messages about resilience, leadership and peak performance keep him in constant demand as an inspirational speaker. Presenting to over 60,000 people a year, Scott Greenberg’s diverse client list includes countless corporations, associations, government agencies, educational institutions and other groups wanting motivational speakers who both educate and entertain.

29. Waldo Waldman29.    Waldo Waldman – Motivational keynote speaker Waldo Waldman – The Wingman – is a motivational speaker and author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo. He teaches organizations and individuals how to build trusting, revenue producing relationships with their employees, partners, and customers while sharing his experiences as a combat decorated fighter pilot and businessman.

30. Denis Waitley30.    Dennis Wately One of America’s most respected authors, keynote lecturers and productivity consultants on high performance human achievement. 10 million audio programs sold in 14 languages, Denis Waitley is one of the most listened-to voices on personal and career success.He is the author of 16 non-fiction books, including several international best sellers,”Seeds of Greatness,” “Being the Best,” “The Winner’s Edge,” “The Joy of Working”, and “Empires of the Mind.” He has inspired, informed, challenged and entertained audiences for over 25 years from the board rooms of multi-national corporations to the locker rooms of world-class athletes and in the meeting rooms of thousands of conventioneers throughout the world.

31. Dr. John Demartini31.    Dr. John Demartini – Dr Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development.His trademarked methodologies, the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination, are the culmination of 41 years of cross-disciplinary research and study. His work has been  incorporated into  human development industries across the world.

32. Delatorro McNeal II32.    Delatorro McNeal II – Delatorro L. McNeal, II , MS, CSP, has been transforming the lives of people from all walks of life for over 15 years. As an internationally renowned Professional Speaker and Best Selling Author, Delatorro has spoken in 48 of the 50 US states, and has delivered well over 3000 presentations to major corporations, colleges and universities, professional associations, conventions, churches, and leadership conferences. In 2011, Delatorro became a Certified Speaking Professional. This is the highest international recognition of professional speaking excellence. Delatorro has been featured on national and worldwide television networks like Fox News, NBC, BET, TBN, Daystar, Oxygen, and The Word Network.

33. Macri Shimoff33.    Marci Shimoff – Marci Shimoff is a #1 NY Times bestselling author, a celebrated transformational leader, and one of the nation’s leading experts on happiness, success, and unconditional love. She is the author of the runaway bestsellers Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason, which offer revolutionary approaches to experiencing deep and lasting love and happiness. These books soared to the top of many national bestseller lists including The New York Times, Amazon, and the Wall Street Journal and have been translated into 31 languages.

34. Dr. Dennis Kimbro34.    Dennis Kimbro Dennis Kimbro is a best-selling author of five books, writing partner and master trainer for the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation, and is on the faculty at Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration. He is a recipient of the Dale Carnegie Personal Achievement award.Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, the results of Dr. Kimbro and Hill’s efforts, distills the secrets of success contained in the lives of peak performing Black men and women, and reveals how readers can use these keys to make their dreams come true. Dr. Kimbro is now a certified Napoleon Hill Science of Success trainer and leadership coach.

35. Christopher Gardner35.    Christopher Gardner – Chris Gardner is an Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, and single parent whose work has been recognized by many esteemed organization. The amazing story of Gardner’s life was published as an autobiography, The Pursuit of Happyness, in May 2006, and became a New York Times and Washington Post #1 bestseller. The book spent over twenty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and has been translated into more than forty languages. Gardner was also the inspiration for the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” released by Columbia Pictures in December 2006.

36. Linda Edgecombe36.    Linda Edgecombe – Linda Edgecombe is a Re-invention Strategist, motivational coach and engagement expert. She offers insightful, amusing, and practical advice on building a creative, energetic, and engaged team in these challenging times. Linda is an internationally renowned, award-winning speaker that creates massive impact where ever she goes. She is a bestselling author and has been invited to speak across Canada and the US and has spoken in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland and Nepal.

37. Albert Mensah37.    Albert Mensah – lbert Mensah is a widely sought after and internationally recognized speaker, author and humanitarian. Albert Mensah is also the author of When the Drumbeat Changes Dance a Different Dance and OK Means Opportunity Knocking. An American citizen since 1994, Albert Mensah’s success story began in the impoverished nation of Ghana, West Africa. Armed with a vision and bolstered by a dream, he developed an action plan that surpassed all barriers because he knew innately that obstacles are just opportunities in disguise.

38. Dan Clark38.    Dan Clark – Dan Clark (born 1955) is a professional motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems. Clark is also on the International Board of Governors of Operation Smile and on the National Advisory Board for Operation Kids. Clark is the author of twenty-one books,[1] and is a primary contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.[citation needed] He speaks to corporations, charities, universities, conventions, U.S. military academies and to troops and their families. Clark has also appeared on television and radio shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Glenn Beck Program and The Adam Carolla Show.

39. Eric Boles39.    Eric Boles – Eric Boles is the president of The Game Changers Inc., a training and development company dedicated to maximizing the human asset. Through assessment, consulting, coaching and corporate training, The Game Changers Inc. has set the standard for helping organizations enhance their culture and develop greater levels of commitment and performance.Eric Boles is also a highly acclaimed keynote speaker and consultant for some of the most recognized and respected organizations in the world.

40. Daymond John40.    Daymond John – A young entrepreneur, an industry pioneer, a highly regarded marketing expert, and a man who has surpassed new heights of commercial and financial success are just a few ways people have described Daymond John. Over the last 20 years, Daymond has evolved from one of the most successful fashion icons of his generation to one of the most sought after branding experts, business, and motivational speakers in the country. As a motivational speaker, Daymond’s quintessential rags-to-riches success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance as well as the unique and charismatic way he communicates it, will inspire any audience.

41. Charles Marcus41.    Charles Marcus – Charles Marcus is an international motivational keynote speaker and impactful business speaker originally from England, now based in Toronto, Canada. Charles style as a speaker and presenter is passionate, engaging, down to earth, dynamic, high energy and thought provoking. Using stories from his own personal and professional experiences, Charles connects with his audience in a way that empowers them to face the challenges and change in their own lives with renewed confidence and a determination to succeed.

42. Linda Larsen42.    Linda Larsen – Linda LOVES presenting for ALL groups, but she is particularly popular as a motivational speaker in certain industries. She’s a very funny keynote speaker for women’s groups (both professional and women’s wellness groups), and is in constant demand as a conference speaker for healthcare organizations (her social work roots go deep!) and keynote presenter for education groups (once a teacher, always a teacher!)

43. John “JC” Coutis43.    John “JC” Coutis – John ‘JC’ Coutis is an exceptional person. Born with a severe disability that rendered his legs useless, John defied medical opinion by refusing to die. Today John speaks all around the world to tens of thousands, very enthusiastic and eager people, whom he leaves breathless.John was a guest speaker at the 1997 World Masters of Business Seminar where he shared the day with some of the world’s foremost international speakers.

44. Dr. Adolph Brown44.    Dr. Adolph Brown – Dr. Adolph Brown is an internationally renowned master educator, character education leader, servant leadership consultant, educational & clinical psychologist, author, researcher, entrepreneur, and an influential thinker/practitioner in the fields of education and human behavior. He writes and teaches from a unique perspective of an experienced passionate & award-winning educator, an innovative & effective business leader, an engaging consultant, and is devoted to positive human development.  He educates and amuses with a little “show and tell” and timeless principles as an education keynote speaker, corporate servant leadership speaker, student speaker, and college & university speaker.

45. Roger Crawford45.    Roger Crawford – Before Roger Crawford inspired others as a best selling author and Hall of Fame speaker on Center Stage, he achieved phenomenal success on Center Court—despite a physical challenge. Although born with ectrodactylism, a rare birth defect, Roger not only became the only athlete with four impaired limbs to compete in a NCAA Division I sport, he also became a Hall of Fame Division I athlete.  His compelling story of how he became a tennis champion communicates and demonstrates the power of an “I Can!” attitude to redefine the possible!

46. Joe Vitale46.    Joe Vitale –  Joseph “Joe” Vitale is an American entrepreneur and self-help author. He became known through his marketing books Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing! and There’s a Customer Born Every Minute. Vitale writes about subjects such as marketing and the New Age Law of Attraction, persuasive communication, and advertising. Vitale’s work has been featured in major media including Success, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, ABC News, and Larry King Live. Vitale has also been featured in motion pictures, including a starring role in the 2006 documentary film The Secret.

47. Michael Bernard Beckwith47.    Michael Bernard Beckwith – Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California. He is a featured teacher in the film and book The Secret. In the ’70s, he began an inward journey into the teachings of East and West, and today he teaches universal truth principles found in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality. Gifted with a vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community, he speaks to a congregation of more than 9,000 people weekly at Agape.

48. Chris Widener48.    Chris Widener –  Chris Widener is widely recognized as one of the top speakers in the world today. He has spoken all over the world in places like Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Egypt, Singapore, Australia and of course, all over the United States and Canada. Chris speaks to groups as small as 100 and as large as 25,000 people. His clients are a “who’s who” of American businesses and organizations, including notables like General Electric, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and the Harvard Business School. Chris’ dynamic, practical and engaging speeches will have your audience laughing one minute and learning timeless truths of success the next.

49. Coach Ken Carter49.    Coach Ken Carter – Kenny Ray Carter is an American business owner, education activist and former high school basketball coach. Carter attended college at San Francisco State, then Contra Costa College, and finally George Fox University, where he played basketball.A successful author and speaker, Coach Carter brings the hard-hitting advice about accountability, integrity, teamwork and leadership to succeed both on and off the basketball court. His latest book entitled, “Yes Ma’am, No Sir” The 12 Essential Steps for Success in Life chronicles his personal experiences in life that shaped him to be the man that he is today. It also hits on key points to assist and show others how to lead more productive and successful lives.

50. Dr. Roch Parayre50.    Dr. Roch Parayre – master teacher, world-class speaker, and a strategist who blends rigor with contagious enthusiasm. He urges leaders and organizations towards new ways of thinking. His job is to energize people–both in the classroom and in the boardroom. He believes that if you are not passionate about your strategy, you will never get the buy-in you need to grow and transform your business. Dr. Parayre has consulted with organizations on five continents and across a wide spectrum of industries. Clients such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, GE, Disney, L’Oreal, Merrill Lynch, and Comcast rely on him for his expertise and motivational skills.

51. Suze Orman51.    Suze Orman Susan Lynn “Suze” Orman (born June 5, 1951) is an American author, financial advisor, motivational speaker, and television host.[3] Orman was born in Chicago and received her B.A. in social work. She worked as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. In 1983 she became the vice-president of investments at Prudential Bache Securities and in 1987 founded the Suze Orman Financial Group. Her program The Suze Orman Show began airing on CNBC in 2002. In 2006 she won a Gracie Award for Outstanding Program Host on the The Suze Orman Show on CNBC.[4] She has written several books on the topic of personal finance.

52. Loral Langemeier52.    Loral Langemeier – Loral Langemeier is one of today’s most dynamic and pioneering money experts. A New York Times bestselling author and a leading entrepreneurial speaker, Loral has spurred thousands of success stories around the world by giving them the simple tools to generate cash and build wealth. Born and raised on a farm in Nebraska, Loral Langemeier started from scratch. She created her first business at 17, and by 34 had established a multi-million-dollar portfolio. Loral has built a number of businesses in a variety of industries, several of which have grossed millions.

53. Malcolm Gladwell53.    Malcolm Gladwell – Malcolm T. Gladwell, CM (born September 3, 1963) is a Canadian journalist, bestselling author, and speaker.[1] He has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996. He has written five books, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (2000), Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (2005), Outliers: The Story of Success (2008), What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures (2009), Gladwell’s books and articles often deal with the unexpected implications of research in the social sciences and make frequent and extended use of academic work, particularly in the areas of sociology, psychology, and social psychology.

54. Marcus Buckingham54.    Marcus Buckingham – Marcus first conquered the bestseller lists in 1999 with First, Break All the Rules. While the title may imply an iconoclastic streak, his continuing plea for managers to break with tradition has nothing to do with rebellion; instead, he argues, rules must be broken and discarded because they stifle the originality and uniqueness — the strengths — that can enable all of us to achieve our highest performance. Marcus addresses hundreds of thousands of people each year in keynote addresses worldwide. He founded The Marcus Buckingham Company in 2007 to create tools and training that would help managers and organizations access the untapped potential of their people’s strengths.

55. David Bach55.    David Bach David L. Bach is an American financial author, television personality, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Bach, is best known for his Finish Rich Book Series and Automatic Millionaire Series of motivational financial books under the Finish Rich® Brand. He has written 12 books since 1998 with over seven million copies in print. Eleven of Bach’s books have been national bestsellers, including nine consecutive New York Times bestsellers, two of which were consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers (The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich).[3]

56. Kalpesh Patel56.    Kalpesh Patel – Kalpesh Patel is one of the most Dynamic & Inspirational Speakers in the UK, he has touched over 500,000 lives over 12 years.A natural born Entrepreneur, started out selling Coke (the stuff in cans…) to fellow students age 11. He puts his success down to his love of transforming lives & his WINNING ATTITUDE inherited from his parents.

57. Valorie Burton57.    Valorie Burton – Valorie Burton is a bestselling author, speaker, and life coach dedicated to helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life. She is the founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and has served as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach to hundreds of clients in over 40 states and ten countries. For more than a decade, Valorie’s books, speaking engagements, and coaching resources have helped people

58. Terry Hawkins58.    Terry Hawkins – Terry Hawkins CSP is an exceptional award winning, inspiring speaker and educator.  With 30 years experience reaching people from all over the world, Terry can masterfully deliver a wide range of topics as a high energy, humorous, female motivational speaker (from attitude change, effective sales techniques to leadership training and much more).  As a powerful business speaker she gets results and as the most booked female professional speaker Australia has seen, she now shares her talents across the USA.

59. Pat Croce59.    Pat Croce – Pat Croce graced the cover of Success magazine as the first person to ascend from the training room to the boardroom of a professional sports team. Pat Croce’s remarkable success from his role as a physical therapist and pioneer in the sports medicine field, to the colorful leader responsible for the resurrection of the Philadelphia 76ers as an NBA championship contender, has been defined as one of the most amazing stories in sports history.

60. Gerald Coffee60.    Gerald Coffe Born in Modesto, California, Gerald (Jerry) Coffee joined the Navy in 1957 after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Commercial Art. For the past 20 years, Captain Gerald Coffee, has been considered one of the nation’s top speakers, sharing his experiences as a Vietnam Prisoner of War and addressing thousands of people a year across a broad spectrum of corporate America and to international groups as well.


This list was comprised of the top Motivational and inspirational speakers, experts, scientist, gurus, authors, coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes who are living today and have dedicated themselves to speaking and teaching people and businesses to do more, be better and achieve success.

This list may not include everyone who has made a major impact in motivating others to change, but this is your opportunity to share someone you think should be listed her in the top 60 motivational speakers in the world. Please include in the comments below your thoughts, suggestions and feedback.