To achieve all that you are capable of achieving, you must develop a clear sense of direction. The problem is that now a days people don’t know what they what to do. In order to accomplish your dream you must decide exactly what you want in every area of your life. Perhaps the most important question that you will ever ask and answer, one that returns over and over again, is this:

 “What do I really want to do with my life?”

What is it that you really want to do with your life? Most people are unclear and confused about the answer to this question, and that’s why most of them accomplish far less than they are truly capable of.

What Does Success Mean For You? 

Goals are the key to having anything in your life. Without a goal you will surely fail. It’s like constructing a huge skyscraper right down town… Do you think that the construction team just forged ahead to build and figured it out as they went along? No. They developed a plan first, brainstorming and gathering information. Then, they executed their well thought out plan safely, timely, and predictable.

Most people desire by nature to succeed..but  most people don’t know what success is and since they don’t know what its about they don’t know where to look for it.  Success is nothing more the progression realization toward a worthy ideal. That means that anyone who knows where they are going and what they are doing is a success.

The following list is each important category or area of your life that you should determine at least the top three goals you have in that area. Writing your goals down on paper helps you take that initial thought or idea from formless to substance.

  • Health
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual
  • Business
  • Project X
  • Project Y

Steps to Achieving Your Goals

1. Clearly Define Your Dreams and Goals

Know what you want from life and decide what you will give in order to receive what you want. Define what it looks like, feels like, smell like. Use your imagination as best as possible to create the picture you being exactly where you want to be, who you will be and how you will give. What are you here to do? What legacy are you going to leave? What mark will you make on this world

2. Set A Deadline For Achieving You Goals

Setting a proper deadline for accomplishing your goals will help create a much needed sense of urgency to get a particular goal finished. Having no ” Due By Date” will kill your chances of ever getting anything done in a timely manner. Your deadline should be realistic based on the amount of work and effort you are agreeing to put forth toward your achieving your goals.

3. Break Up Your Goal Into Tasks To Develop A Plan

Ok so first thing is Brainstorm. Don’t take to much time collecting all the possible ways you can achieve your goal. Select the best solutions toward achieving your goal as soon as you have established what set of steps if executed will help you to arrive at the final result you want. Be sure that you have a prioritized list of action steps that need to be completed in order to get the job done. This list of action steps will be your plan and guide for identifying what important things need to be done and when.

4. Execute Your Plan With Massive Action

Once you have your plan developed or have your first few steps established, you must take immediate action toward getting the most important action steps in your plan completed. Try not to multitask , but focus on completing one thing at a time to get it done quickly and well. The first thing on your list might be small task or the most difficult, tedious and complicated but regardless you treat them the same “Get It Done”. No matter what, they should be done consecutively and completed fully. Stay consistent in completing your tasks because exercising discipline to continuously follow through on your plan will yield positive results.

5. Access The Right Resources

Surround yourself with the best environment. Who you hang around and where spend your time will greatly impact your ability to stay focused and create opportunities to move forward. People who will help and encourage you to achieve your goals are the folks you should be around as much as possible. Your responsibility is to find he best team of people and relevant resources possible for your ultimate success. Constantly seek expert advice and knowledge . Let’s face it you will need help, so find mentors, books, seminars, training and coaching to guide you through the process toward achieving your goals. Put your seed (Your Dream or Goal) in the best possible soil for growth.

6. Review Your Goals Daily

If you want to attract the circumstances and opportunities that will assist you in accomplishing your goals you must keep the vision of what your goals are, what they look like and most importantly the feeling you will have when you achieve them. Positive affirmations and thinking of already having achieved your goal is what you must do on a daily basis. Every night and morning review your goals, say them out loud, record and listen to them, look at pictures or even make a movie with you having achieved your ultimate idea of success. With all the negative things that will bombard you constantly you must fight back by always thinking positively about your goals and keeping them in the front of your mind.

7. Doing Something Toward Achieving Your Goals Everyday

The most difficult part about being successful and triumphing over life is taking action toward your goals everyday on a consistent basis. Taking action everyday can be very difficult since adopting new habits will require the elimination or impedance of old/bad habits. Most people that have an abundance of success in their life follow a ritual that they go by everyday. This is a typical system that has been outlined for the day or week which identifies blocks of time to do specific actions.  Having a daily routine is one of the most powerful tools you can use toward achieving your goals.

Always Apply the Principles of Success

A definite chief aim
Mastering Your Mind
The Mastermind
Self Confidence
A Pleasing Personality
The Golden Rule
Going the Extra Mile
Fail Your Way to Success
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