Do You Have A Monthly Game Plan?

Decide NowI hope this finds you well!

So here’s what I use on a daily basis to keep on top of my everyday task. After searching for what it takes to be successful I have developed a system for knowing WHAT I need to do and WHEN I need to do it. You have to plan for success in your life which is the easy part, the Monthly Game Plan will help you plan. The difficult part is taking action toward your goals on a consistent basis. It is up to you to make the changes you need to make by simply DOING YOUR WORK.

Here’s some advice I gave to a class of young aspiring engineers and scientist.Advice to Students: To achieve all that you are capable of achieving, you must develop a clear sense of direction. You must decide exactly what you want in every area of your life. Perhaps the most important question that you will ever ask and answer, one that returns over and over again, is this:“What do I really want to do with my life?”Most people are unclear and confused about that answer to this question, and that’s why most of them accomplish far less than they are truly capable of. I believe that in order to accomplish yours dreams you must:

1. Have a definite purpose
2. Set clear, concise goals in each area of your life
3. Determine the obstacles that you will need to overcome
4. Find the right people, organizations, places, and events to know, help, and ask
5. Get the additional knowledge, skills, and abilities needed
6. Develop a plan
7. Take immediate and massive action now and on a daily basis
8. Have discipline and focus
9. Don’t let fear hold you back
10. Always go the extra mile

My Best Wishes To Your Success!
Jacob Howell

Monthly Game Plan