Life Coach Shawn Coleman Inspires With Therapeutic Boxing

Born on August 21, 1985, Shawn Francis-Coleman was raised in the North-Side section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Being one of seven children (five living), Shawn had a severe stuttering problem and could not communicate his thoughts clearly to family and friends which caused problems at home, school, and in the community.  Early on he learned that if he “punched somebody in the mouth,” it was much easier than taking 18 seconds to say stop messing with me and leave me alone.

new found passion for self-growth, he established PerspectVe LLC, a personal development business specializing in anger management coaching and life coaching (in the form of boxing skills).  Within the next two and a half years, he was promoted within one of the most recognized human service agencies in Western Pennsylvania and became the director of their family support center in the Hill District.

His philosophy is the more smart decisions you make in your life, the longer you will live and the more problems you will eliminate.

PerspectVe was established on January 18, 2010 by Shawn Coleman and Makalia Francis in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

With spiritual based initiatives, PerspectVe creates tools that construct an intellectually adept and informed community.  Our vision is to be the leading entity in the advancement of the mentality and social condition of all people.

To contact Shawn, email him at or call 412-592-2291.  To enroll into PerspectVe LLC’s anger management or life coaching services utilize the above contact information or visit  You can also friend PerspectVe LLC on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @PerspectVeLLC.